The Chrysler Pacifica Now Comes With A Cool New Entertainment System

One of the most family-friendly mini-vans on the market right now just got better. The Chrysler Pacifica now has a UConnect entertainment system available.

With the UConnect entertainment system in the Chrysler Pacifica, you can keep your guests in the rear of the car entertained all throughout the trip. Adults can watch DVDs or Blu-rays that contain their favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries, or even homemade film. The UConnect entertainment system is also perfect for kids. It contains a variety of games that kids can play to pass the time.

One of the great things about the UConnect entertainment is that it uses no data nor has it any associated costs. Parents can also monitor what their kids are doing thanks to a snapshot view on the dashboard. You can even shut it down from the driver's seat.

Learn more about the UConnect entertainment system and why your kids will love it by coming to Autoworld Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM. We can show you the new Chrysler Pacifica model and the UConnect entertainment system within it.
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