When Purchasing Your Next Vehicle Be Sure To Understand The Warranties Involved

If you are in the market for a new vehicle then at some point the topic of the warranty is going to come up. Since it plays a part in the price that you pay for the vehicle it is important to have a basic understanding of what all is covered.

Two of the most common warranties that are offered are the bumper to bumper and powertrain warranties. A bumper to bumper warranty is going to cover just about anything on the vehicle. Depending on the make and model there may be some exceptions but that should be explained to you beforehand.

A powertrain warranty will cover items that aid in the forward motion of the vehicle. This is going include things like your engine, transmission, driveline, and differentials just to give a few examples.

If you have any other warranty related questions the call or visit the sales experts here at Autoworld Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM for help.
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