Car Covers Make a Big Difference!

We at Autoworld Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM recommend car covers to our clients in Petaluma. We love helping customers come up with ways to protect the value of their vehicles. A car cover is a small investment with big returns!

Protection from the sun and weather is necessary when you want to take care of your vehicle. Your paint, seats and rubber trim are all susceptible to cracks and fading from UV rays. If you have to park your car on a rough road, rocks are less likely to leave marks if they pop up and hit your car.

If you are concerned about theft or scratches in a populated area, a car cover can help deter thieves and may prevent light marks from showing up in your paint. Cleaning is also easier because less dust and grit will accumulate over time. If you park under a tree or have a problem with bird droppings, a cover for your car is an easy way to keep it looking good!



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